What is the best story behind one of your listings?

by Chicago Agent

Brad Moss
Keller Williams

My client was going through an illness and the spouse had been laid off. They had to file for bankruptcy, and in the meantime the lender re-filed for foreclosure. We had to list the property for short sale. Then the estranged father-in-law stepped in and said he would buy the property and agreed to rent the home to my clients, put the money into a fund and the family will receive the home in their inheritance. As we work through all of the complicated details, my clients are finding their luck is changing. His health is improving, she was given a job offer and they will get to stay in their home.

Mark Zipperer
Boys Town

I recently sold a property in Uptown to a buyer who was somewhat hesitant about the area. What finally convinced him to say yes was acquainting him with the planned redevelopment of the nearby Wilson Yards area, which the penthouse unit he was considering overlooked. I explained in detail about the local TIF district, what was planned for the site and where the redevelopment project currently stands. I also stressed that because he would be buying in an area that was likely to revitalize the next five years, his unit had considerable appreciation potential.

Nancy Taylor
RE/MAX North

I was selling a home for a couple that was getting divorced. The husband was holding out and didn’t want to sell because that would mean that his wife and kids would be moving out. The home had an unfinished basement with lolly columns, and the buyer who was interested was a young, pretty girl who was really excited about the home. When I had to tell her that the seller was at a standstill, her agent, who I knew personally, let me know that the buyer was a stripper who wanted to practice with the poles in the basement. I told my client, he took one look at her and he immediately signed contract.

Valerie D. Harris
Sudler Sotheby’s International Realty
Gold Coast

The funniest story I ever told to sell a house is actually a home I’m currently selling in the south suburbs. I tell people that the owners have split up due to infidelity. It was built as their dream house and they only lived in it long enough to knock out all the kinks.

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