What unprofessional acts do you see Realtors commit frequently?

by Chicago Agent

Donna Sattler, RE/MAX, Rolling Meadows
Some of the unprofessional things I have witnessed are agents not filling out the purchase contract completely, leaving blanks and not knowing or understanding what it says and agents who show homes and leave lights on or door unlocked when they leave. Another unprofessional act is when agents who don’t leave a card or some evidence that they have been there or when they don’t cancel showings when they can’t make it. People have left their homes or are waiting for them and they never show or bother to call.

Lori Rowe, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Buffalo Grove
I often hear agents discussing contracts with individuals who are not party to that contract. They are violating the fiduciary obligation they have to their clients by sharing confidential information. Although they believe that they are merely “talking shop,” this type of conversation is reckless and can often come back to haunt the agent, and more importantly, their client. I know that my clients share highly confidential, and often personal, details with me. I hold this information in the strictness of confidence and use it to work in their best interest. We learn lots of juicy stuff in our job and we need to keep it “in the vault!”

Martha I. Rodriguez, Compass Realtors, Aurora
I recently had a Realtor enter a residence without permission. Not only was it my listing, it was also my personal residence. Although it was vacant, it was still my home and I have the right to know who is coming in and out of my home. The home was listed in the MLS and there was a sign in the yard with my company phone number on it as well as a Supra on the front door. This agent took it upon herself to let herself in and did not bother to call and schedule an appointment. (I found out she went in because I looked at my Supra log and saw that she had accessed it.) I emailed her to ask whey she had done this and she said she was just previewing homes in the area.

Neil Ruffolo, Charles Rutenberg Realty, Naperville
I am amazed how often agents will freely volunteer confidential information about their client. I just shut up and listen to learn things that give me a negotiating edge. Also, hate it when I must remind another agent that its inappropriate to ask things like “Do your buyers have kids?” That’s always awkward. Finally, it makes me chuckle when a listing agent is personally offended by negative feedback. After all, we’re supposed to be objective.

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  • Deborah says:

    I am frustrated by the seeming lack of respect for my home. Someone was messing with my wood stove tonight! You will burn my house down. Please look, but DO NOT TOUCH. This is my HOME. It is not okay to let your clients children trash my child’s playroom. If your client dumps the pencil sharpener, CLEAN IT UP. It would be cool if you locked up when you left too….it was even worse when I was renting a home that was for sale. Remax really treated me poorly.

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