Vol. 4, Iss. 5, You Tell Us: What business practice brings a Realtor the most success?

by Chicago Agent

Paul Stepanovich – Realtor
RE/MAX Market

In a nutshell, “systems”. A Realtor without order is a Realtor without business. In today’s world of instant gratification, organization and speed mean the difference between landing a listing or losing it to your competition. Ask yourself these questions: How can your clients trust you if you don’t know how you’ll market their property? How can you best utilize your time and money if you’re constantly trying to reinvent the wheel? How can you succeed if you never know your next step? Remember, a system is a system because it’s proven to work again and again.

Phil Burnstine – Broker Associate
The Lord Companies LLC

I have found over the past 20 years that in real estate you must network, network and network. Networking is, by far, the most important strategy when a Realtor is starting out in the business, as well as continuing to grow your business. A word of caution: Put your best foot forward; the first impression is most important. You also need to know your area of expertise. This must be done with the utmost integrity, otherwise, you have lost your current and future customers.

Teresa Cavaligos – Realtor Associate
RE/MAX Showcase

In my opinion, a Realtor cannot count on luck to succeed. Today’s Realtors must: get coaching assistance to keep you accountable for your actions; discipline yourself to follow a set daily schedule; treat the career as a business; ask yourself, “How are my daily actions generating business and income for now and the future;” set realistic and specific goals; have a positive and enthusiastic attitude; and, most importantly, never give up. These are the business practices that, at least in my experience, will bring Realtors the most success in today’s market.

Tony Bellino – Sales Associate
RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest

Without a doubt! In dealing with the public, a sales person must, first and foremost, listen to the needs and requirements of their client. Plainly stated, at first visit, “shut up and just listen,” take notes and respond with short directional questions for the purpose of keeping the client focused on the sale or purchase of the property you are assisting them with. The less you say, the more you will learn.

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