Charles Sindelar, Home Lending Advisor

JPMorgan Chase

For Charles Sindelar, a great customer experience is always the No. 1 priority. The lending advisor originally joined JPMorgan Chase as a processor during the HARP/IRRRL boom of 2012 when the need for processors was high, but quickly rose through the ranks of the company and began underwriting and working in relationship management. Following a stint on the sales side of things as a lending manager, he stepped into his current role as a lending advisor.

Through all the different positions he’s held since joining Chase, Sindelar has come to understand that communication is the most-important contributor to a positive customer experience. “Having seen transactions from all angles has given so much insight into the full life cycle of a loan, which takes the guesswork out of the job,” he says. “Knowing how each role fits together in the process allows me to streamline my approach and leads to an amazing experience for my clients.”

Sindelar’s clients always applaud his immediate availability, but his favorite client testimonials center around the relationships he’s able to build. They say it doesn’t feel like a transaction, and he actually ends up feeling like a friend at the end of it all. “I always look to build a long-term relationship and am never looking for a quick sale if I don’t think there is a benefit to my clients,” he says. “If there isn’t an immediate opportunity to help, I do everything I can to give them the insight they need so we can come up with a plan moving forward.”

In the first three quarters of 2022, Sindelar has had more applications and more loans funded than any other Chase advisor in Wisconsin. However, his proudest achievement is maintaining a 100% client satisfaction score.

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