Nikki Kofkin, Real Estate Broker


Guided by her entrepreneurial mindset and independent spirit, Nikki Kofkin is tireless in her pursuit of excellence. As a real estate broker for @properties with over four years of experience, Kofkin serves buyers, sellers, investors and renters within Chicagoland. Earning her license when she was 22 years old, Kofkin realized the extent of her interest in real estate during her senior year of college when discovering Bigger Pockets, a real estate website geared towards building passive income with rental properties and flipping homes. “I would browse forums and articles for hours absorbing information like a sponge; it became my passion,” she shares.

A native of Glenview, Kofkin attended the New Trier school system and completed her undergraduate degree in journalism at Indiana University, where she was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. “The connections I made in high school and college and the network I built in the Midwest are the primary sources of my business,” she says.

With 94 5-star reviews on @properties, 46 of which are published on Zillow, Kofkin upholds a customer-service model built on responsiveness, individualized attention, efficiency and empathy. “My desire to develop intimate connections has played an instrumental role in growing my business,” says Kofkin. “I don’t just strive to be successful — I am determined to provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience for my clients, no matter their needs and goals.”

In 2020, Kofkin nearly doubled her business while renovating her newly purchased three-unit building in Lincoln Square, which she plans to partially rent out upon completion.

For the past few years, she has fostered dogs through PAWS and in her off time enjoys salsa dancing, playing ultimate frisbee, traveling and exploring the city’s comedy and music scenes.

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