Jenny Carlino DeGroot, Broker


No matter what the market is doing or what current events are, being a first-time buyer requires support, education and confidence that only a great real estate agent can provide. For Chicago’s Jenny Carlino DeGroot, a broker with @properties, first-time buyers are her love language.

“I love educating my first-time buyers on the details so that they aren’t just going to closing, but they understand this entire process from start to finish,” she says, adding that she also works with sellers, investors and experienced buyers. “Having lived in Chicago for 16 years now, on the North side of the city specifically, this is truly my home and there’s no better city, in my opinion!” Carlino DeGroot got into real estate after deciding a traditional nine-to-five desk job wasn’t for her, instead opting to pour her love of home design and fascination with Chicago neighborhoods into a new career path.

With a background in sales training, experience in building her own home and sharp attention to detail, Carlino DeGroot finds herself on track for a peak year in 2021, while managing to engage with each client as if they were her only one. In fact, she’s managed her business by drawing on her training background. “I have a program I built out that I use with all my buyers and sellers,” she explains. “Patience and understanding are so key, so I try to be a teacher and educate my clients so that, what could be a daunting process feels more comfortable for them.”

“I want my clients to really love where they live; that is my top priority,” Carlino DeGroot says of her own blueprint for house hunting, writing offers and helping clients select the ideal home for their family and needs. Tailoring the process and the properties down to the most intricate details of clients’ lifestyles, Carlino DeGroot is resolute, declaring, “I make sure they truly find the perfect home for them.”

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