Christina Ewing & Jim Christofferson, Mortgage Advisors

CrossCountry Mortgage

Fresh out of high school, Christina Ewing began a career in lending instead of going to college. At one point, she left the industry to pursue a degree in interior design, but it wasn’t meant to be. She couldn’t even draw a straight line. “One day I stood up in class, donated my supplies to another student with more potential and went back to making mortgages,” says Ewing.

It turned out to be the right decision for her. Ewing has made the Scotsman Guide’s top 1% category for volume and units closed for the past four years. Her business is based 100% on referrals from past clients, real estate brokers and other partners in the industry. Guided by a strong moral compass, she tells it like it is. “You can count on me to give an honest assessment of the situation, knowing that I’m not just trying to say what I need to say to get the business,” she says.

Clients respect Ewing’s casual, no-nonsense approach and rave about the personal service they receive from her team. “We are a tight-knit crew of just three people, including my husband, Jim Christofferson,” she says. Being a Realtor for 13 years before joining Ewing’s team five years ago gives Christofferson a helpful perspective on the process and offers the team a unique understanding of clients’ goals and concerns.

Indeed, clients love that Ewing sticks to the personal, white-glove experience provided by a small group of dedicated and caring people. “All three of us love that it gives us the opportunity to get to know our clients better,” she says. “Plus, we have a ton of support from the larger CrossCountry team.”

To give back, Ewing is membership chair and past president of the Chicago Auxiliary Board at Hephzibah Children’s Association, an organization that has provided innovative, community-based programs to help children and families flourish since 1897.

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