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Michael Bauknecht

Michael Bauknecht

Michael Bauknecht

Realtor/Broker Associate | @properties


For Michael Bauknecht, there are many things he loves about his career, but what he loves most is that he is working in the city. Bauknecht has built his brand on local exposure with a global reach, and is growing one of the most successful international real estate brands based in Chicago.

Bauknecht is committed to embracing and driving change when it comes to technology. “I have a voracious appetite for new technology to help my business and my clients,” he says. “As new resources become available in real estate technology, Realtors need to educate themselves and provide the highest level of service by making these tools available to clients. My goals are to maintain the energy necessary to manifest success, bring about more sales and continue to serve my clients well.”

Bauknecht applies his way of thinking in business to everything he does. “I have a daily goal to raise the spirits of everyone around me,” he says. “I have a unique combination of business-savvy and compassion, which is the foundation for my business and formula for my success.”



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