Mabel Guzman

Mabél Guzmán

Mabél Guzmán

President of Business Development and Sales
Envision Real Estate LLC, President of CAR

Mabél Guzmán does a lot for the Chicagoland community; from cooking for the Homeless Ministry on a biweekly basis to rehabbing single family homes, she immerses herself in every community she can. “The average age of someone who is homeless is nine, which is heartbreaking and shameful. This is the least I can do, for my blessings are many. As I volunteer to feed others, I feed my soul,” she says.

Professionally, she acts as president of business development and sales for Envision Real Estate, LLC., which stands out amongst competitors because it does over-the-top analysis for investors and gives video updates of rehabbed properties on a bimonthly basis. Her future goal for the company is to rehab 50 homes in one year, and for it to remain fluid and profitable.

“I left a regional position in the retail industry and started thinking about what I wanted to do when I grow up,” she says of her start in real estate. “I saw a sign that read ‘real-estate classes now starting,’ so I signed up. I started cold calling and focused on being a listing agent. To this day, I still believe in prospecting.”

Guzmán is president of CAR and a board member for the Illinois Association of Realtors, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and Asian Real Estate Association of America, and is a trustee for the Aid Society of First United Methodist at Chicago Temple.

She prides herself in her diverse involvement at the local, state and national level, saying, “having some say in that recipe is very exciting and gratifying.”

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