Exit Strategy

Marcie Schmidt, Michael Cuevas

Marcie Schmidt, Michael Cuevas

Partner/Principal, VP of Short Sales | Exit Strategy Realty

Partners Michael Cuevas and Marcie Schmidt of Exit Strategy Realty provide a unique service for their clients. Their company is a one-stop shop for short sales; their team handles everything from communicating with banks to listing properties.

The two recently became part of a coalition that promotes their ideas on short sale policies to decision makers on Capitol Hill. The coalition lobbies for homebuyers on short sales and distressed homeowners. “We want to help property values by assisting sellers in avoiding foreclosures, which results in a 36 percent loss as an REO versus a 15 percent loss via short sales,” Schmidt says. Cuevas has also started a nationwide short sale training product for Realtors, called “Short Sales Redefined in 2011.”

Cuevas, Schmidt and their team closed over 250 transactions in 2010, most of them short sales. They are “currently working on techniques that will broaden their reach to homeowners who feel they have nowhere to go,” Schmidt says. Cuevas and Schmidt plan to redefine short sales and grow Exit Realty, as well as work with the lobbyists to change short sale policy amongst major GSEs. They also strive to become the solution to the current state of the real estate market. “I’d like for each agent in the office to run a brokerage within Exit,” Cuevas says. “Team-building is important to the company.”

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