Michael Klein

Michael Klein

Branch Manager
Wintrust Mortgage

With 24 years of real estate experience, Wintrust Mortgage Branch Manager Michael Klein has become a trusted leader in the residential lending field. Klein’s resourcefulness, courageousness and insight have been instrumental to his success. This year, he joined Wintrust Mortgage, which operates with a different hybrid platform from his previous job. “I’m pleased to say that embracing the change has been one of the most liberating experiences of my business career,” Klein said.

Klein graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. He then began his career as a mortgage consultant. Klein has worked with a diverse set of clients, from entry-level buyers to higher-income individuals. Past clients have described Klein as being exceptionally knowledgeable, as well as communicative and transparent during the loan process. Klein is also passionate about giving back to his community. “At this stage of my career, I feel the most fulfilled when working with veterans, active duty military and first responders,” he said. As branch manager, Klein said that his biggest sales accomplishment this year was the overall success of their Wintrust Mortgage team.

Klein’s tenacity and perseverance is also shown through his personal accomplishments. In September 2016, he successfully completed his third SEALFIT KOKORO Camp, a 50-hour crucible event designed to emulate the physical and mental challenges that Navy SEAL candidates face during “Hell Week” of BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training. “I’m proud of this accomplishment in that the attrition rate of attendees is often in excess of 70 percent, and to date, I’m the only individual to have attended and successfully negotiated three separate SEALFIT KOKORO camps,” Klein said. “Not to mention that at 48 years old, I was often competing physically against seasoned athletes half my age.” He’s currently training for his fourth SEALFIT camp in September 2017. For this event, he will be participating as a specialized guide for a blind elite-level athlete.

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