Joe Caltabiano

Joe Caltabiano

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

Industry leader Joe Caltabiano is known for being one of the smartest people in the business. He’s originated over $2 billion in loans in his 16-year career, working with more than 5,000 clients in that time span. Caltabiano’s business extends across the entire nation, though he does have a particular focus right here in Illinois. In fact, he’s earned bragging rights as the No. 1 loan officer by units for the entire state last year.

Caltabiano stands out for his vast wealth of knowledge as well as his impressive negotiation skills, both of which contributed to what he considers ones of his major successes of 2016: getting a Ritz Carlton project approved. Though he’s an expert on luxury sales and jumbo loans, Caltabiano still works with a wide range of clients including first-time buyers and Veterans Affairs buyers, and he treats each customer with the same amount of professionalism, regardless of their budget. “Sometimes, people want to purchase a home but do not qualify for a mortgage, so I sit down with them, review what they need to do over the next six to 12 months — such as repairing credit and earning a bit more documented income — and then they come back to me in a position to qualify,” he explains. “I believe in finding the right solution for each person.”

Caltabiano is also heavily involved in philanthropic work. He’s a founding member of the Guaranteed Rate Foundation and is heavily involved with the Gateway for Cancer Research as a member of their board of directors. Caltabiano says that his own experiences as a cancer survivor, as well as the inspiration he draws from his wife and two children, motivate his philanthropic work. In his free time, Caltabiano enjoys boating on Lake Michigan and snow skiing. He’s also the co-founder of Cresco Labs, and is the largest grower of medical cannabis in the state of Illinois.

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