Theresa L. Panzica


Theresa L. Panzica

Law Office of Theresa L. Panzica, LLC

The daughter of a real estate attorney, Panzica worked side by side with her father from a young age to gain an understanding of how to run a smooth transaction. Panzica, using the experience gained in her twenty-plus years at the family firm, was able to quickly launch her own firm in 2006. Due to her extensive training in the field, she started work on representing buyers, sellers, and developers and later, during the economic downturn, adding assistance to those in need of short sales to her list of services offered. Real estate has become her passion, because she has learned that “helping people buy, sell and negotiate tough real estate transactions is incredibly rewarding.”

While building her practice, Panzica has hosted, organized, and presented countless educational events for real estate professionals and the public on a monthly basis, sometimes as many as six to seven times a month. Seminar topics range from buying, selling, and short sales to marketing and more. “My team and I believe in helping our colleagues build their business through continuing education and training, which sets us apart from other real estate law offices,” she says.

In addition, Panzica believes that clients appreciate her and her team’s tireless dedication. The team never collects fees unless they successfully execute a closing, and sometimes works 10-to-14-hour business days. “I always want to put clients at ease by handling the most stressful matters behind the scenes so that their experience is as stress-free as possible,” she explains. “We’ve found that our team’s collective talent coupled with their extensive training means that we’re able to solve any challenges that arise, no matter how difficult they may seem.”

Law continues to be a family affair for Panzica, whose husband is completing law school and will soon join her practice. Her father is a great resource and also acts in her stead if scheduling prevents her from attending a closing, and her daughters enjoy playing lawyer by pretending to answer client calls and draft correspondence when they visit her at the office. Her loved ones inspire her, she says, as does her involvement in charitable causes. Panzica works with organizations like the Big Shoulder Fund, which creates educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, and volunteers at not- for-profit housing centers in the Chicagoland area. “I’m excited about what the future holds,” she says, “and I’m thrilled to know my career means I’ll play an integral role in helping people achieve their real estate goals.”

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