Matthew Rosen


Matthew Rosen

Senior Mortgage Banker
Neighborhood Loans

Now in year 10 of his lending career, Matthew Rosen got started in real estate at a perilous time for the industry—just before the crash. For many people new to real estate, that sort of experience would be cause for discouragement, maybe even enough to make them rethink their career path. For Rosen, it was the complete opposite: a reason to work smarter and harder so as to be the best possible resource for his clients. “I have seen it all, and really feel that has made me a better originator,” he says. “I went from 80 percent refinances to almost 80 percent purchase in just a few years.”

After all, a driven and motivated nature is what got Rosen involved in the industry in the first place. “I was always interested in being responsible for my own level of success,” he explains. “I never wanted a typical 9 to 5 with a salary. I wanted a position where my success was solely based on my actual production.” Rosen’s passion for math stems from his time studying finance at DePaul’s Loop campus, and makes a career in mortgage lending a perfect fit.

But Rosen is not a detached, analytical numbers-cruncher obsessed with personal success. He is a people person through and through. Rosen works with a wide range of buyers as well as people interested in refinancing, and always makes sure to take the time to listen and learn his clients’ goals before moving forward. “I do not just simply spit out an interest rate and move on,” he says. “I make sure that all of my clients get the same attention and level of service regardless of the purchase price or loan size.” He also makes it a point to let his clients know he’s there for them well after regular office hours, and is just a phone call away even on holidays and weekends.

Rosen creates a work environment that he describes as “a nice mix of focused hard work and laid-back fun,” a combination that shows his clients he’s professional and serious about the work, but also cares for them as people. He also has a habit of singing around the office, “even with Realtors around.” No word yet from any of his co-workers as to how good his voice is.

Outside of real estate, Rosen stays focused on his family. “My family would definitely be my inspiration,” he says. “I work really hard to provide for them, and to give my son the best opportunities I can.”

Thanks to The Residences at New City for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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