John Federici


John Federici

Principal / Broker
KRAIN Real Estate

As principal with KRAIN Real estate, John Federici uses his wide array of skills and talents to run the business. Federici considers real estate a dynamic profession that allows him to wear multiple hats as the brokerage and clients demand. His background as a loan originator brings a unique perspective to his company. “I try to strike a healthy balance between supporting the KRAIN team and working with buyers, sellers, developers, and investors,” he explains. Federici’s numerous successes include placing among the Chicago Association of Realtors’ top 1 percent of producers each year since 2009. He can also celebrate the recent development and brokerage of a 10-unit high-end residential property in River North.

After 15 years in the real estate industry, Federici knows what matters most. “I work with some of my closest friends and family. Being able to shrug off the bad days and celebrate the good ones with the people you care about is what’s important in life. Not many people have that luxury.”

The clients he serves are largely referrals and friends, a testament to his skill and know-how. He relies on his analytical skills to study market trends, interest rates and technology trends to guide them. “The world around us provides the data we need to make prudent, pragmatic decisions, so we should leverage that to our advantage.”

Federici has built an incredible network of professionals who help keep him ahead of market changes. “I’m in the trenches with all kinds of people who have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in real estate in Chicago and nationwide, so I’m able to know how the needle is moving at all times,” he says. “I believe in always being one step ahead and prepared for what
will come next in this industry, even if I’m not completely certain what that will be.”

While he credits his team for making KRAIN Real Estate the success it is, Federici aspires to be like his wife, a loan officer. “She has a stronger work ethic and more integrity that anyone I know, and that’s earned her the respect of every person she comes in contact with,” he says. “No one exhibits more care and compassion for others than she does. She truly sets the standard for what it means to be a genuinely good person.”


Thanks to AtWater Apartments for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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