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Prashanth Pathy

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Prashanth Pathy always wanted to make a lasting impact on others’ lives. He began working for a national lender in 2004, but realized soon thereafter that helping people find and sell Chicagoland residences was much more rewarding for him than structuring mortgages. Seven years ago, he made the transition from lender to Realtor, a career that nonetheless draws on his financial expertise.

While he has found his true calling, Pathy knows first-hand that ensuring clients’ happiness requires relentless effort and perseverance. “It’s the non-stop hustle that’s required to create and execute an individual strategy for each client,” he says. “You must really dedicate yourself to your core principles even while you unquestionably share your clients’ goals.” Pathy credits his colleagues and brokerage management for much of his pragmatism and work ethic thanks to the guidance they have offered him throughout his time at Related Realty. Furthermore, he says that buyers and sellers appreciate his candor when it comes down to deal making. “They often joke that I don’t sugarcoat anything,” he comments. “The truth is that I’m committed to honesty because I believe it’s the most sincere form of respect.”

Pathy collaborates with clients whose needs are as diverse as their budgets, including an individual who purchased a $30,000 parcel and developers that build homes priced up to $3 million. He particularly specializes in his native Naperville and downtown Chicago neighborhoods. Regardless of who is buying what and where, one of his primary goals is to educate his clients by setting realistic expectations. “People often reflect on past transactions from a family member or co-worker and expect those dynamics to apply to their current situation,” says Pathy. “Markets constantly evolve so it is imperative to keep clients educated through real-time data followed up with expert advice. With that vital information, they can know what to anticipate and how to capture the greatest opportunity.”

As a Certified Negotiation Expert, Pathy aims to create a lifelong relationship with his clients. “This has never felt transactional to me, it has always been about the relationship and lifelong impact,” says Pathy. This volunteer for The Children’s Heart Foundation says that he likes the freedom that his career affords to set and achieve his own goals, which resulted in his ranking among the Chicago Association of Realtors’ top producers in 2014. And perhaps best of all, Pathy finds that his career as a Realtor allows him the satisfaction that comes from helping people make smart decisions when buying or selling a home as they prepare to begin a new chapter in their life.

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