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Kevin Kelly

Real Estate Broker

Kevin Kelly grew up working hard, and to this day that experience affects his approach to his career as an @properties broker. As a teen, he cleaned commercial offices for his family’s business on the weekends and quickly realized that real estate is about more than buying and selling a house. He learned about property maintenance and how the industry necessitates a solid understanding of finance, which his degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign afforded him. While his first career after college took him to a Wall Street firm, Kelly eventually sought a change from corporate America. That is when he decided to combine his deep knowledge of Chicago with his experience as a finance professional to pursue a real estate career.

Born and raised on the Southside not too far from Midway Airport, Kelly possesses an intimate knowledge of the Chicagoland market and uses it to the advantage of hardworking people looking to achieve home ownership. “The majority of my clients are people like me,” says Kelly, who serves on the Real Estate Committee at his alma mater, De La Salle Institute, a 125-year-old high school that has produced five Chicago mayors.

Self-described as detailed and hands-on, the 10-year expert knows that everything counts when working to earn clients’ trust and showcase the Windy City for all it has to offer. “The little things matter, like showing up on time, following up with feedback, dressing professionally and being courteous to my fellow agents.” Kelly also knows that flexibility is a must. “I always remain positive regardless of the circumstance in front of me,” which may seem a bit easier for him since he views each client as a family member. “I’m a good listener,” he points out, “and I create a positive and uplifting environment for anyone I meet.”

And Kelly is not just about buying and selling real estate, but also getting personally involved with it. This is why he serves as Treasurer of his condominium association. Doing so allows a better perspective on his clients and allows him to effect changes that will improve all of the residents’ lives. “Seeing my decisions, knowledge and relationships benefit a community is personally rewarding,” he expresses. “And I find it humbling to have the honor to serve my clients in my home city, the place where I grew up!”

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