John Noldan


John Noldan

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

John Noldan studied political science and knew he would end up in a position where he would be involved in helping others. “I’ve always enjoyed working with people,” he says, and credits his rather large extended family with helping him to feel even more comfortable and confident in his interactions with others. His hometown real estate connections encouraged him to consider mortgage banking as a profession, and his acumen for finance and math as well as his people-oriented disposition made lending the perfect profession. That was 14 years ago, and today he is recognized as a leading expert in structuring home financing for homebuyers and investors.

With more than 90 percent of his work dedicated to purchase transactions, he and his team aim to ensure outstanding communication with all parties involved in the purchase of a home even as he credits Guaranteed Rate for providing the best platform and tools in the industry to ensure its professionals’ success. A primary reason his group aims to deliver exemplary service is that they realize that many of their clients may only experience the mortgage process once or twice in a lifetime, so they want the process to be educational, efficient and, as much as possible, hassle-free. He achieves those outcomes by treating each transaction as if it is the only one he is managing so that individuals appreciate the dedication he commits to their unique case.

Noldan particularly enjoys hearing the client’s excitement when they close on a home. He is known for his ability to “save the deal” because he can successfully close a transaction that another mortgage professional deemed impossible. In fact, he has been known to close a transaction in just 10 days and is frequently looked to as mentor for the junior professionals in his company. His honors include recognition among the top 200 lenders for volume and units closed in the Scotsman Guide. Helping his peers, he says, is what brings him the most satisfaction, while earning their respect makes him the most proud. Furthermore, he now counts his clients among his friends, and partners with them to raise visibility and money for good causes. “When our relationship extends beyond the mortgage process, then it’s truly a beautiful thing.”

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