Jeff Gregory


Jeff Gregory

Owner/Managing Broker
Realty Executives Success,
Chairman of the Board

Jeff Gregory believes that when it comes to buying and selling real estate, honesty is the only policy. “My success is due to my extremely honest relationship with my clients,” he says. “I’ve learned over the years that they can handle the truth, and that’s earned me their respect.” As the owner of Realty Executive Success, he encourages his team to communicate with the same transparency and candor. That is a key reason that Realty Executives International has recognized the brokerage with honors such as Real Estate Office of the Year and its Circle of Excellence Award.

Communication, in fact, is what Gregory finds most important when it comes to meeting clients’ needs. “Trying to understand what our clients mean typically involves more than just hearing the words they speak,” he explains, adding that his college courses in interpersonal and non-verbal communication prepared him the most for his career. For Gregory, fulfilling clients’ expectations means making himself accessible even during non-traditional business hours. “Many of my clients tell me that they enjoy working with me because I don’t make them feel guilty if they text me with a question at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night!” What they frequently want is help understanding the complexities of housing finance, so Gregory strives to ensure their smooth partnership with the lender who will structure their mortgage. He regularly participates in three-way teleconferences with buyers and lenders to not only put his clients at ease, but to also increase his own knowledge of residential financing.

Gregory, who is the recipient of the Illinois Association of Realtors’ President’s Medallion of Service, is most inspired when he sees buyers’ tears of joy at closing and shares in sellers’ happiness when the winning bid is more than expected. Clients have even referred him to their children, like the individual who recently phoned him to say, “I need you to help my son find a house, so take good care of him or else!” But all jokes aside, Gregory’s winning track record boasts nearly 60 sales each year while still volunteering for almost 20 committees within the industry. This includes his chairmanship of the Midwest Real Estate Data, LLC (MRED) Board of Directors and stint as that Multiple Listing Service’s (MLS) interim CEO for eight months, an experience he describes as “amazing.” He also dedicates time as a federal political coordinator to help influence policy in homeowners’ best interest.

While Gregory’s calendar remains perpetually booked, family and friends matter most to him. Spending time with his grandparents on their 40-acre farm in Indiana always makes that clear. But success, he says, requires staying busy, so this real estate expert intends to always enjoy a full schedule.

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