Elizabeth Amidon

Elizabeth Amidon

Dream Town Realty

As an avid runner, Elizabeth Amidon knows the sport takes endurance, stamina and mental fortitude to cross the finish line, and she sees definite parallels between her favorite sport and her career as a Realtor. Both, she says, demand she push herself to attain her goals and achieve what might seem impossible. The lessons she has learned by pursuing both of her passions have made Amidon a top producer in the industry for the past seven years.

Amidon specializes in the city’s River North and River West neighborhoods, which she knows extremely well as a resident herself. Her insider knowledge of what the communities offer allows her to help “anyone and everyone,” which explains her diverse client roster. “I have investor clients who buy multiple properties and who I help find renters for those residences,” she says. “I also love to work with first-time buyers and I’ve sold multiple short sale and foreclosure properties, too.” But Amidon makes clear that she nevertheless focuses more on people than transactions. “Selling real estate isn’t just about the properties I show; it’s about the people I work with and getting to know them and what will make them happy. This is really what I do.”

According to Amidon, each client collaboration is unique but yet the same in some ways. “Every client and every transaction is different,” she explains, “but most of my clients want to know what to expect as the end result, regardless of if they’re buying or selling property. My experience enables me to prepare them for what could happen throughout the process so that they feel at ease from start to finish.” Her ability to deliver what clients need and want has netted her annual sales that exceed her own record by 30%.

Amidon credits her father as her inspiration, and she attributes much of her success to Yuval Degani, founder of Dream Town Realty. “I’m forever grateful for the resources and support that Yuval and the agency have provided me,” she expresses. She adds that wanting to be the best she can be is another motivating factor that drives her on a daily basis. This is because Amidon believes that “reputation is everything,” so she continues running at full steam to make certain that hers is stellar in the Chicagoland market.

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