Andrew J. Perkins


Andrew J. Perkins

CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate

Buildings and construction have always fascinated Andrew Perkins thanks to the inspiration of his architect father. While he studied economics, finance and accounting at the University of Illinois before pursuing an investment banking career, real estate proved his true calling. “I love being a broker and making my clients happy, so my approach to my work is simple: strive every day to improve myself as a professional, to learn more and to work harder.” The CONLON/Christie’s broker possesses an undeniable passion for the industry as evidenced in each of his client transactions. “I embrace my clients’ vision, but I also pragmatically manage their expectations through open and honest discussion,” he says. “Doing so allows me to dedicate the same attention to their transaction that I’d dedicate to my own.”

As a result of clients’ confidence in his abilities, Perkins has been involved in more than $100 million in real estate development, sales and marketing initiatives in recent years. Those clients represent a broad spectrum of needs and wants, ranging from first-time homebuyers to multi-million dollar luxury condos and estates. Similar to his childhood interest, Perkins initially focused on real estate development projects, which deepened his knowledge of new construction design and pricing. The unique combination of this experience and his investment banking background has enabled him to more accurately determine present and future property values while helping his clients mitigate potential risks. “I’m able to save clients from making big mistakes when purchasing a home, and I’m also able to help them carefully assess and plan for the future.” Those unique skills allow his sellers, buyers, investors and developers to reap the greatest possible return on their investment.

The fact that his referrals generate approximately 90 percent of his new clients is a testament to the success that Perkins has achieved. He has also helped build more than 250,000 square feet of residential and mixed- use real estate in Chicago, thereby establishing himself as a premier agent. A longtime Chicago resident with his family, he appreciates that real estate is as much about the professional as it is the personal, so he strives to understand each client’s unique real estate goals even as he offers the coaching, guidance and counsel necessary to make an informed decision. “I’m especially inspired when I see my son enjoying Chicago – running through Lincoln Park, playing on Montrose Beach and walking through Chinatown,” he says. “Seeing him experience all that Chicago and its different neighborhoods have to offer makes me want to have a hand in shaping them.”

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