Ahkeem Henderson


Ahkeem Henderson

Assistant Vice President
Fifth Third Mortgage

Ahkeem K. Henderson believes strongly in giving back to his community. As a member of his company’s Young Bankers program, the 10-year industry professional has prepared meals for veterans combatting substance abuse, collected donations for military programs and mentored young people in financial literacy. But perhaps the greatest example of how he helps others is through his role at Fifth Third Mortgage structuring loans that enable people to purchase their ideal home. As he explains, “My career allows me to help people attain the American Dream – home ownership.”

While it might have seemed natural for Ahkeem to pursue an alternative career path given his degree in criminal justice, he finds that the skills he developed and strengthened in his liberal arts program equipped him with the abilities necessary for financial services. His talents solving problems, thinking critically and communicating effectively have allowed him to streamline the lending process to ensure its efficiency. “Most clients expect the process to be smooth and seamless, which isn’t necessarily true, but I strive to accomplish this by reviewing it with clients so that they have an understanding of what’s required,” Ahkeem says. “Explaining the process allows them to better understand the big picture and the part they play in making everything work.”

Ahkeem’s expertise includes helping buyers secure low debt-to-income mortgages even as he works with a range of clients that includes first-time purchasers, military veterans and professional athletes. In addition, he is well-versed in an array of financing options like bank portfolio lending, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, and physician mortgages designed for new and established doctors.

“I’ve met some awesome people thanks to my profession and many of my clients have become good friends,” Ahkeem says. He adds that much of his success is due to his willingness to make himself highly accessible during both office and non-office hours so that clients can always check the status of their loan, another hallmark of his winning approach. Without a doubt, Henderson has positioned himself as a bellwether in home financing in The Windy City. “I’m excited to see what the future in this industry holds and the role I can play in it!”

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