Aaron Gosser


Aaron Gosser

Vice President of Lending
Molitor Financial Group

A former trader with an expertise in interest rate products, Aaron Gosser’s ability to transfer that unique skill set to mortgage lending has paid off in dividends for both his clients and himself. “Once you understand the psychology that goes into pricing markets, then that experience applies across all markets,” he says. But Gosser’s career is about much more than transactions and commissions. Rather, his knowledge has allowed him to provide better service to his clients even while partnering with them for “one of the biggest financial decisions of their life,” which has proven highly rewarding. That lets him know that his decision to leave trading to pursue a profession with more personal meaning was the right one for him.

It was a choice Gosser made after spending more than decade executing trillions of dollars in financial transactions, including as a 24-year-old partner at Breakwater Trading ranking among the firm’s top five traders out of nearly 100. After the birth of his two children, he decided that he “wanted to stop hiding from people from behind trading screens and get out there again to work directly with them.” Gosser’s role at Molitor, he explains, allows him to witness the tangible outcomes of his efforts. His career change was also based on a personal understanding of how overwhelming the mortgage lending process can be, which he experienced himself despite his own financial know-how. “I was drawn to this industry in general – and to Molitor in particular – because of a genuine desire to help people during the exciting yet stressful period of purchasing their dream home.”

The outcome, he says, is a win-win because clients recognize the enduring diligence and dedication that characterize the Molitor approach while its professionals derive satisfaction from serving them. “Our clients expect us to consistently lead their real estate transaction and stay ahead of potential problems so that we can deal with challenges if and when they arise,” says Gosser. “They really appreciate that extra effort.”

An avid sportsman, Eagle Scout and church volunteer, Gosser has rooted his life and career in hard work and integrity. “I’m not a salesman,” he makes clear, “and sometimes making the morally correct choice has cost me money, but it was worth it.” This, he says, is because he considers people the driving factor behind his career. “I can promise that I care about my clients as much as anyone in this industry and I’ll work as hard as I can to make certain they walk away extremely satisfied.”

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