Tim Brigham


Tim Brigham

LPO Manager
Evolve Bank & Trust

Tim Brigham has unmatched talent when it comes to closing loans. He often is able to close deals in less than two weeks – and he believes that consistency boils down to working hard.

“I got into this business very young,” Brigham says. “Something that has always stuck with me was, ‘There’s no such thing as good luck, it’s all just hard work in the end.’ So I watched the top guy in the office, mimicked what he was doing, then started to put my spin on it.”

Brigham has been lucky enough to have many mentors in the real estate business. In fact, a few of his mentors have asked him to help with home purchases. Brigham says it is not only an honor, but also a privilege to be able to help his mentors.

“I think that when a mentor becomes a client, that means I am doing something right,” he says. “I treat all my clients with the utmost respect, and always work hard to make sure they are getting taken care of the way they should be.”

Brigham makes a pointed effort to ignore the competition and simply offer clients his best level of service every single time. It’s a formula that has brought Evolve Bank & Trust much success.

“The birth of my son made me realize that this is truly a family business,” he says. “I was always serious about it, but when my son came into this world, I really realized how grateful I am for the career, clients and team I have.”

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