Steven Maher and Christine Lutz


Steven Maher and Christine Lutz

Principal and Managing Broker Director of Residential Brokerage
Kinzie Brokerage, LLC an affiliate of Kinzie Real Estate Group

Steven Maher and Christine Lutz of the Kinzie Real Estate Group have a combined 45-plus years of experience and $2.5-plus billion in sales. As team leaders for Kinzie, their varied backgrounds and skills provide a strong, supportive platform for their colleagues, which optimizes their success as a company.

“As the principal and managing broker, I oversee all functions of the brokerage,” Maher says. “My specialty, however, is project-based sales and marketing. I have launched and completed over $1.6 billion in every type of residential development in over 15 different markets, including adaptive re- use lofts, suburban townhouses, new construction high-rises and multifamily rentals.”

Since the company’s launch, Maher and the Kinzie team have also become involved with financial institutions, investors and private equity firms in the relaunch of seven partially completed, planned unit developments. Additionally, several luxury properties will be coming to the market this year, which is where Lutz specializes as director of residential brokerage.

Lutz has marketed and sold over $1 billion in real estate ranging from single-family homes to high-rise condominiums across the country. Her broad experience in affluent Chicago locations, as well as out-of-state markets like Florida and Texas, help build her broad market and local approach.

“I have had a few turning points in my 20-plus- year career, but the most recent was going from strictly large-scale development sales to luxury general brokerage,” Lutz says. “I love that I can do both! It allows me to help more people achieve their goals, whether they’re my team members or clients.”

With both Lutz and Maher’s unique backgrounds and leadership qualities, Kinzie Group is in a prime position to generate new business and grow the boutique firm in any market.

“You must learn and grow or be stagnant and fail,” Maher says. “Overcoming obstacles can provide tremendous opportunity for creativity and expansion, and providing consistent outstanding service will guarantee happy clients – who are the best referrals we can get.”

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