Sheree Schimmer Valukas and Mary Cook


Sheree Schimmer Valukas and Mary Cook

Vice President of Sales, Founder and President
Mary Cook Associates

Mary Cook Associates was founded in 1986. Their work includes both public and private projects.

This year alone, with Sheree Schimmer Valukas spearheading the sales effort, the firm will provide interior design services for more than 60 projects. The foundation of the company’s success lies in their unique ability to deliver successful designs for their clients.

Mary Cook Associates accomplishes that by adhering to Cook’s basic principles, which are common to all good design and which she collectively named “The Art of Space.” That is also the title of her book, which was released this year.

“Great interior design can actually improve the quality of life for the people who experience it. That’s how we define ‘successful design,’” Cook says.

But that’s just the beginning of “The Art of Space.” Unique to Mary Cook Associates’ work is what they call ROE, or Return On Environment. They believe that clients can, and should, get measurable, tangible results from interior design, such as increases in sales, memberships, real estate values, etc.

“Business runs on results,” Valukas says. “By introducing tangible results to the world of interior design, we’ve taken a revolutionary step. Our designs meet specific needs, objectives and budgets, and they get the results our clients want.”

Armed with that powerful approach to the world of design, Valukas has been able to attract several marquee clients to the firm.

Cook plans to continue to improve lives for her clients and for everyone who wants to tap the potential of great interior design.

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