Sanjay Kuttemperoor


Sanjay Kuttemperoor

Founder and CEO, WikiRealty
President, V.K. Development Corporation

For the better part of the past two decades, Sanjay Kuttemperoor built a career as a real estate entrepreneur. As president of V.K. Development Corporation – his family’s company – Kuttemperoor has led teams in both the financing and building of residential and commercial projects, including apartments, senior housing and office space, as well as large tract development and master planned resort communities from Wisconsin to Florida.

With the launch of his Internet startup WikiRealty, Kuttemperoor adds tech entrepreneur to his resume. WikiRealty is a mobile and Web application for the entire real estate community, where professionals and locals gather to share their knowledge about the market, helping each other make smarter decisions about where to live and work. The idea for WikiRealty began in response to an opportunity Kuttemperoor saw in the industry.

“WikiRealty captures local knowledge and expertise from real people who know their neighborhood best,” Kuttemperoor says. “I am creating a product that currently does not exist in our industry, and it’s one the industry really needs.”

Driven by user-generated content, WikiRealty provides commercial and residential buyers and sellers with unique insights normally reserved for locals. Kuttemperoor says that competitors’ sites structure their products around algorithms and metrics, like square footage. Kuttemperoor knows that consumers need more than just data to make informed real estate decisions. Marrying property data with boots-on-the-ground local insight, Kuttemperoor believes that WikiRealty provides consumers with a better experience.

“We’re the only platform where an area’s entire ecosystem is represented,” he says. “Whether professional or consumer, commercial or residential, users will be afforded the understanding and context around the areas they are transacting real estate deals.”

WikiRealty has already launched in Miami and Chicago, garnering early adopters in local governments and top residential and commercial brokerages, but Kuttemperoor won’t be satisfied until WikiRealty is a household name. He expects the site to have a presence in 18 other major metros by the end of the year.

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