Rick Bechtel


Rick Bechtel

Managing Director | Head of National Mortgage Banking
The Privatebank & Trust Company

Long-time mortgage banking leader Rick Bechtel is committed to leading an exceptional mortgage banking team at The PrivateBank. Over the course of his 24-year career, he has built and led teams at mortgage retailers such as Chase Manhattan and Wells Fargo, and now serves The PrivateBank as managing director and head of national mortgage banking.

Bechtel’s experience, a seasoned team of mortgage bankers and the resources of a top Chicago bank enable The PrivateBank mortgage banking team to stand apart from competitors. Examples include a Closing Cost Assistance Program designed for low and moderate income markets, as well as co-op, construction and jumbo financing. With the ability to use bank portfolio programs, in addition to an extensive list of investor products, The PrivateBank is able to offer a wider set of financing options with competitive rates and terms.

“In 2010, I led the company’s reconstruction of the mortgage banking team and dedicated the resources necessary to be among the best in class,” he says. “It is a constant, slow and strategic building process that requires the most talented individuals in the business. The quality of the people on our team is the most important asset we have.”

The industry veteran, who holds a MBA in finance and marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, is focused on building the mortgage banking team by recruiting candidates with a proven record of demonstrating important principles, such as expertise, professionalism and commitment.

“Expertise is non-negotiable as the industry becomes increasingly complex; professionalism is a sign of respect owed to our clients and Realtor partners; and we demonstrate an unmatched commitment to serving the diverse needs of clients in all our communities,” he says.

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