Peter Chrysanthou


Peter Chrysanthou

Broker | Owner
Prime Real Estate

Peter Chrysanthou became Chicago’s youngest top producer his first year in the industry, thanks to 80-plus- hour workweeks and an incredibly efficient methodology.

“I was a very ambitious 24-year-old,” he says. “With no experience as a broker, no one to hold my hand, I was simply fueled by my passion for real estate. Once I closed my first deal, I dissected the entire process, identified opportunities, turned my weaknesses into strengths and multiplied my successes. Being a huge systems and processes person has allowed me to efficiently tackle issues every day the past three years.“

Technology has also served an important role in Chrysanthou’s innovative methods. His website,, implements leading technology to add value throughout the entire transaction and empower his clients, whether buying or selling. Electronic contracts, state of the art CRM and a seamless and transparent transaction management process are just some of the ways he meets and exceeds client expectations.

“I’m focused on adding value to every deal, whether that means securing special financing, capital improvements, down payment assistance or just making the entire process easier using our technological advancements,” he says.

The ambitious business owner lives by the phrase, “we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them.” In his spare time, Chrysanthou tries to better himself by increasing his knowledge through industry-related seminars, courses, articles and exhaustive research.

“It’s what I think about when I wake up, and what I’m thinking about when I’m going to sleep,” he says.

Overall company growth is also always top-of-mind. “We are looking to grow our team of superstar brokers, residential buyer specialists and leasing agents in order to meet client demand,” he says. “We are actively recruiting both inexperienced and seasoned brokers where we can offer an incredible work environment and staff, and all the tools and resources to take their business to the next level. My vision for the company is to evolve into a national real estate brand.”

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