Michael Bischof


Michael Bischof

Regional Vice President of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

Michael Bischof doesn’t simply assist with mortgages; he is a true, trusted advisor.

The Guaranteed Rate regional vice president has made a name for himself as an expert who understands how the mortgage should strategically co-exist within the context of one’s personal balance sheet and entire financial portfolio.

“Most in our industry commoditize the business and have nothing else to offer,” Bischof says. “Too often people focus on price and only price. I like to wow my clients with the extent in which I can recognize opportunities to improve their overall financial situation.”

In his 22-year career, he has originated more than $1.5 billion in loans – an accomplishment shared by only a select group of loan originators in the nation. Bischof has also been recognized by Mortgage Originator Magazine and the Scotsman Guide as one of the top 200 Loan Originators in the U.S. for 15 consecutive years.

“Early in my career – three years into the business – I knew that I had to decide whether to treat this mortgage business as a job or a career,” he says. “Once I decided to treat it as a career, my perspective changed on everything. I was committed, all in, and knew that I needed to differentiate myself to make what I have to offer remarkable and memorable to my clients.” That commitment has led to tremendous client loyalty and new referrals.

Those clients include everyone from first-time homebuyers to seasoned homeowners to pro athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs. People from all different backgrounds benefit from Bischof’s vision, creativity and ability to take both a macro and micro approach to mortgage financing decisions. He works closely with his client’s key advisors to make synergistic decisions to recommend on the client’s behalf.

Bischof loves challenging his clients to think differently and test conventional wisdom. His goal is to help them gain confidence in and independence through their decisions and actions related to their mortgage.

Bischof remains quite passionate about his work. “Richard Branson said it best: ‘I don’t believe in work as work and play as play. It’s all living,’” he says. “If you enjoy what you do, there is no need for finite boundaries between work and play.”

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