Joseph Mueller


Joseph Mueller

Broker | Owner
TANIS Group Realty

Joseph Mueller analyzes trends. His brokerage’s success was built on anticipating the real estate bubble in 2008 and establishing relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and bank foreclosure departments prior to the downturn.

After just one year as an agent with a real estate firm, Mueller opened his own office in 2003 to have control over his destiny and to work with real estate investors. As a successful investor himself, he knew he could succeed servicing small and large players in this market. The large inflow of foreclosed listings were perfect opportunities for those clients.

TANIS Group Realty has grown into a full- service real estate operation. “You cannot succeed in the real estate business without informed agents and staff,” Mueller says. “We continually grow their skills, and only take on as many agents as we can support through leads and marketing. Growth comes by developing experts.”
The company has a commitment to ongoing education and continually adopts the latest technologies to stay in a leadership role. Mueller believes it is essential for clients to have knowledge, and where lacking, he takes the time to provide it.

Mueller continues to grow his company with traditional real estate services, new property management products and expanded realty investment consulting.

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