Jason O’Beirne


Jason O’Beirne

Real Estate Professional
Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty’s Jason O’Beirne is a highly decorated 12-year industry veteran, touting two consecutive appearances – 2012 and 2013 – as part of the Chicago Association of Realtors’ top 1 percent, as well being named one of Jameson Sotheby’s top 5 producers.

O’Beirne, who thrives on the industry’s fast pace, attributes his success in real estate to his hard work, accountability and attention to detail, but it wasn’t until the 2007 financial crisis that his career really started to take its current shape.

When O’Beirne first came into real estate in the early 2000s, he found himself impossibly competing for the attention of developers who had already developed a rapport with more established agents. He describes the financial crisis as a sort of awakening, saying, “It felt like a forest full of big trees was finally opening up and allowing the sun to shine on smaller trees, like myself.”

Through his hands-on involvement in every aspect of the buying and selling process – lead generation, acquisition, planning, architecture, design, construction and marketing – O’Beirne learned the industry while his veteran colleagues were hitting their peak. When the housing bubble broke and foreclosures started to accumulate, O’Beirne looked passed the short-term losses and instead saw the potential long-term gains, leveraging his newfound skill set to add value to the clients he represents.

“I have walked through literally thousands of foreclosed homes,” he says. “Seeing homes in such amazingly bad condition and still understanding their hidden potential has allowed me to make smart decisions on what opportunities my clients should invest in.”

Now, O’Beirne allows every challenge to be a lesson and future point of strength. “I have had great fortune to interact with and learn from so many great professionals. From agents and attorneys to architects and contractors, each person has taught me invaluable lessons that have helped shape my career.”

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