Denise Salazar


Denise Salazar

Luxury Real Estate Expert
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Some people don’t care for the back-and-forth that comes with negotiating, but Denise Salazar revels in it and excels at it.

“Negotiating is my favorite part of this job,” she says. “I’ve mastered the art and developed a subtle and effective negotiating skill that cannot be taught; it just comes with experience.”

The self-described “selling machine” is consistently recognized for her talents. Her Lake Point Tower office is one of the first freestanding personal offices for Coldwell Banker. What really separates Salazar from the rest is her marketing resources and techniques.

“I not only have access to premier Coldwell Banker marketing materials, but my husband owns a top marketing firm in Chicago,” she says. “I partner with him on creating individual plans for each client, which guarantees successful results.”

Salazar stays active in the real estate community by continuously looking for opportunities to gain experience and education. She credits her commitment of personalized service to having her mother as a mentor.

“My mother is a strong, independent woman who taught me about the importance of building solid relationships,” she says. “My clients recognize that commitment, because I often treat them like family! Their wants and needs are my wants and needs, and I am passionate about taking care of them.”

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