Brett Lotsoff, Jorden Brok, Craig Achtzehn, Anna Marek and Joshua Jones


Brett Lotsoff, Jorden Brok, Craig Achtzehn, Anna Marek and Joshua Jones

Northbrook Branch Manager | Senior Loan Officer, Northbrook Branch Manager | Senior Loan Officer, Chicago Branch Manager | Senior Loan Officer, Lisle Branch Manager, Park Ridge Branch Manager | Senior Loan Officer
Mortgage Master

For over 25 years, Mortgage Master has aimed to become a leader in mortgage solutions through its dedicated employees in 30 offices nationwide. Guiding the entire Midwest operation is Regional Branch Manager Brian Jensen (not pictured), who, in his 22 years in the mortgage industry, has used his extensive expertise to adapt to changes in the market and lead his team.

That Chicagoland team, apart from Jensen, includes Chicago Branch Manager Craig Achtzehn, Northbrook Branch Managers Brett Lotsoff and Jorden Brok, Lisle Branch Manager Anna Marek and Park Ridge Branch Manager Joshua Jones, who have a combined 75 years of real estate experience.

Achtzehn uses his very structured, methodical and reliable business style to work with clients across 24 states, and says constantly meeting people and hearing about their different backgrounds helps him grow as a leader.

Lotsoff’s previous experience as a corporate attorney and his B.A. in economics from the University of Michigan has helped him find optimal financing solutions for all his clients.

“I specialize in jumbo and super jumbo loans but work with all types of clients in Chicago and the North Shore,” the Northbrook manager says. “The mortgage process has become much more complex than it used to be, so being able to simplify everything for my clients has allowed me to close over $1 billion in loans.”

The multilingual Marek has a deep understanding of the ethnic market through personal experiences, and uses that connection to build trust and bridge cultural barriers as it relates to personal finance and homeownership.

Throughout Brok’s career, he has always brought positive energy to every deal, which has translated to genuine, personal connections with his clients and quickly and efficiently closed loans. He’s been nationally ranked among the top 200 loan officers every year since 2006, yet remains humbled to work in a collegial environment with his talented colleagues.

For first-time buyers and buyers looking to move to the suburbs, Jones offers a “big picture” way of thinking to provide his clients with a vision and attainable goals over monthly or yearly periods. He is then able to serve his clients in a way that goes beyond one transaction and carries over into a lifelong partnership.

“What has helped me and this company succeed is our team,” Jones says. “We pride ourselves in the relationships we foster, both internally and externally. Our clients always get direct phone lines to their loan officers/ processors/underwriters and our sales teams, operations teams and industry partners all work hand in hand. We simply have the loan process down to a science.”

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