Beth Wexler and Joey Gault


Beth Wexler and Joey Gault

Real Estate Brokers

If you’re talking left-brain and right-brain, you might as well be talking about Joey Gault and Beth Wexler. This driven realty duo uses their respective backgrounds – Gault in finance and Wexler in advertising – to offer the best and most complete advice and service to their clients.

“Joey loves the analytical side of the business, and I love the marketing and creative side,” Wexler says. “In working together, we offer the total package for clients, and truly understand both aspects of this business.”

Wexler and Gault, in the business for 24 and 13 years, respectively, began their careers servicing Chicago neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Bucktown, but eventually increased their presence in the North Shore when they decided to move their families there. They often sell homes in the city and bring those buyers to the North Shore. The team has sold more than $400 million, were recognized as the top-producing team in their office for 2014 and have been in the top 1 percent of Chicago Realtors for the last 20 years.

“Our intense work ethic and proven business model assures each of our clients that every transaction will be handled with the same exemplary attention to detail,” Gault says. “It is imperative that we live up to pre-set expectations and never lose sight of this awesome responsibility.”

This passion and love of the industry runs deep in both Gault and Wexler, as Gault’s mother was a real estate agent and Wexler’s father was always involved in real estate investments. Their commitment to the client “runs in their blood” and serves as a simple guide for the day-to-day.

“It’s really about the experience,” Wexler says. “If we have a client that has had a good experience – they are kept well-informed, treated with respect, provided a proper market analysis and given candid feedback and suggestions – the dollars and referrals will naturally follow.”

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