Ayoub Rabah


Ayoub Rabah

Great Street Properties

After a decade in the industry, Ayoub Rabah is shifting his focus from tactical operations to focus on more strategic initiatives. Great Street Properties will continue to focus on its niche markets of corporate, luxury and property management.

In the meantime, Rabah has his sights set on helping households pursue the American Dream of owning a home. He believes that many of the factors that impacted the housing crisis have dissipated; however, the effects linger.

“The American Dream still exists, despite the current hurdles of getting there,” Rabah says. “People will need to pursue new avenues to achieve the dream of owning a home, and I want to help carve those new avenues. Household formations will start to improve as Millennials find more stable employment and move out of their parents’ homes.”

Rabah is also going to focus on the recruitment, training and development of the Realtor community.

“Consumer purchasing patterns have changed, and agents need to get ahead of the curve with their marketing efforts,” he says. “Although the fundamentals of the industry remain the same, the dynamics of the consumers have changed. Digital marketing plays a significant role in our arena and is tremendously under utilized. Lastly, we need to evolve more rapidly and attract more people to the industry. Kids don’t go to college and say, ‘I want to be a Realtor.’ I’d like to change that mindset.”

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