Steve Horvath and Sean Conlon


Steve Horvath and Sean Conlon

President, CONLON Commercial;
Co-Founder, CONLON: A Real Estate Company

Though the company entered the marketplace at a tumultuous time – in the midst of the worst housing downturn since the Great Depression – that didn’t seem to faze CONLON: A Real Estate Company. Sean Conlon, the firm’s co-founder and serial entrepreneur who had previously founded one of Chicago’s most successful real estate companies, and Steve Horvath, the president of its commercial division, are two undeniable reasons for CONLON’s startling success.

Because of these two hardworking and savvy people, the company flourished, and is now the fastest growing boutique brokerage in Chicago. A native of Ireland, Conlon has been keenly interested in real estate since he was a child, and as he describes it, his passion for real estate – and the value it brings to consumers – has been central to his success.

“I have always placed huge emphasis on the intrinsic value of owning real estate and how important that is to people,” Conlon says. “I have always been driven by the simple assumption that you build your business on repeat business and maintain good relations with all those who cross your path. By instilling my principles, work ethic and expertise in CONLON agents, I have returned to a client-oriented service that focuses on creating a personal experience.”

Horvath, a veteran of the industry, has not only averaged more than 100 lease transitions each year in his career, but has also received national recognition from the National Association of Realtors. With expertise in office, industrial, retail leasing and sales, along with the recruiting of commercial agents and business development, he brings a considerable level of expertise to CONLON’s commercial portfolio, and his goals for CONLON reflect those achievements.

“[My goal is] to provide the best commercial real estate services to local, national and international companies, and most of all, to be a voice and part of the proof that Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world,” Horvath says.

And the key to CONLON’s success going forward, Horvath and Conlon add, will be the brokerage’s emphasis on repeat business, and the intimate connections and relationships that prosper in such a business climate. In today’s world, CONLON’s global network is very relevant to Chicago and U.S. real estate.

“I look at real estate, the market, the potential buyers, sellers, investors and developers, and I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and I have a vision,” Conlon says. “I have built my business on repeat business, and I strive to make sure each and every client is satisfied … I try to ensure the experience is a positive and memorable one. The American dream is still what we all want, and for many, owning their own home is a major part of that dream.”

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