Sharbel Shamoon


Sharbel Shamoon

Private Mortgage Banking
PERL Mortgage, Inc.

In his 10 years as a private mortgage banker, Sharbel Shamoon has outshined his peers and created an abiding impression in the industry.

Shamoon is a master communicator with an uncanny empathy and connection to his clients. At the outset of the lending process, Shamoon is proficient at addressing his clients’ needs, and therefore, develops a deep level of trust with them, often leading to lasting friendships.

“It is an honor to cultivate strong relationships with business partners and clients,” he says. “Each one becomes and remains family.”

Shamoon has certainly amassed the clientele to prove it, from the client-turned- friend who, two years after his transaction, still expects Shamoon at his children’s basketball games; to the client who describes Shamoon’s work ethic as “unwavering,” and his service as “legendary.”

His career extends far beyond professional interactions. Shamoon is earnestly ingrained in a myriad number of charities and non- profits. In addition to his involvement with The Night Ministry, a mentoring non-profit of which he is a board member, and the Mount Sinai Community Institute, an organization that establishes collaborations to help families with health and economic needs, he also mentors young athletes in the Chicago United Hoops Classic, a South Side vs. West Side basketball tournament that benefits local charities.

“I am blessed to be in a place in my life where I am able to give back, advise and inspire our future leaders,” he says. “It is a rewarding feeling and humbles me to the utmost.”

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