Amir Syed


Amir Syed

Private Mortgage Banking
PERL Mortgage, Inc.

In a housing market as competitive as Chicago’s, the lending process must be thorough and timely in equal parts, and in his 10 years as a private mortgage banker, Amir Syed of PERL Mortgage (far right) has proven himself adept at such a balance.

Guiding his team of hand-picked mortgage professionals, Syed can often close purchase transactions in as quickly as two weeks, and because his team is of such a high caliber, he not only minimizes problems in the mortgage process, but also connects with his clients on a personal level.

“My team allows me to develop relationships and not worry about the day-to-day operations,” he says. ”I have a sincere interest in my client’s needs and I am thankful to be able to gain the trust of a homebuyer and business partner very quickly through asking and listening, two traits that are rare these days.”

Syed’s communication skills also play a critical role in his broad base of industry relations. In addition to national exposure – he was both a keynote speaker for the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in 2011 and a board member with the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association – Syed is also quite active on the local level, and he plans and coordinates numerous events to connect with people in his personal network.

And the best connectors, he explains, receive further attention.

“I am always keen on who the most inspirational people are in my network,” he says. “I send a gift to those people to let them know how much their relationship means to me.

Fueled by the competitive and entrepreneurial aspects of the mortgage business, Syed continues to build upon his recognition and respect in the industry – though he is keen to always retain his sense of fun.

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