Happy everything

by Agent X

Happy New Year! I hope you also had a happy Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Festivus/whatever it is you do or do not celebrate.

Let’s be honest: 2020 and 2021 weren’t great. In fact, part of them were kind of horrible, at least for some of us. Now that 2022 is in the books, I can look back and think, “Yeah, that wasn’t so bad!” Which means 2023 may be the year I win the lottery. Speaking of the lottery, how about that real estate market? Not following my segue? Neither am I. Let’s get back to what I’m good at: attending parties, drinking too much and then telling you readers everything I drank/saw/heard.

Speaking of winning the lottery, that’s kind of how Ryan D’Aprile must have felt when d’aprile properties was acquired by Coldwell Banker. Founded in 2011, d’aprile properties may not believe in capital letters, but they certainly believe in growth since expanding into 11 offices with more than 380 sales professionals.

It looks like Santa is living the good life! His North Pole cabin and toy workshop is not currently for sale but is estimated to be worth more than $1.1 million on Zillow! The sprawling estate covers over 25 acres, which makes sense with all of those reindeer and elves and such running around. Originally built in 1822, Mr. and Mrs. Claus finally completed renovations in 2013. Not sure where they found the time with so many presents to deliver, but the property also includes multiple cottages, stables for the reindeer and a garage for the sleigh. I realize it’s January and the holidays are over, but my decorations will be in place until the end of this month, so leave me alone.

Holiday party time! I must say that this industry is making up for quarantine time lost, because I was simply swimming in party invites. One highlight was the sold-out CAR Casino Royale event on Dec. 1. Held at the Drake Hotel, the RPAC fundraiser was hosted by YPN and WCR. And if that is too many acronyms for you, then TB and IDC. Not sure what those mean? Welcome to my world. The important thing to note is that money was raised and people ate a lot, drank a lot and schmoozed even more.

So many January babies out there that I don’t have space for fun nicknames. Just imagine a clever wintery word shoved in between the first and last names of the people I’m mentioning below, and we’re golden (just like our Jan. 21 birthday boy). Ted Guarnero starts us off on Jan. 3, Kelly Price celebrates on Jan. 5, Jeff Parker will get more distinguished on Jan. 9. Gary Oeullette, J.D. Cortese and Jennifer Peterson share a Jan. 12 bday, while Kevin Rocio is on his own on the 13th. Alex Zupancic, Jeff Baker and Vince Milito can have a three-way party on Jan. 14, and maybe they will invite George Schultz and Donna Griffin in honor of their birthdays on Jan. 15 and 16, respectively. Monique Washington and Kevin Van Eck celebrate on Jan. 20, with Danny Lewis, Lissa Weinstein and the aforementioned Michael Golden are honored on Jan. 21. Christine Lutz is on her own Jan. 23, like Mike Opyd on Jan. 24. Then you have Jon Millikin and Anthony Marinaccio on Jan. 26. Patrick Berger will toast his big day on Jan. 28, alongside Margie Smigel and Wayne Paprocki on Jan. 30. Might as well dip into February and give a shoutout to Craig Achtzehn on Feb. 2, congratulate Sara Bonert and Amy Settich Strauss on Feb. 4, and round things out with birthday wishes for Lane Sears on Feb. 5.

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