Joe Siciliano, of Compass, responds to recognition from the Chicago Association of REALTORS®

by Emily Mack

Joe Siciliano was named Managing Broker of the Year by the Chicago Association of REALTORS®. Siciliano, who has been in the real estate business for more than 30 years and joined Compass as its first Chicagoland sales manager, was honored, among his peers, at CAR’s 138th Annual Gala on Sept. 24.

Of receiving the award, Siciliano said, “I am truly honored… I have the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest in real estate, so it is incredibly humbling to be acknowledged for my role in helping them succeed. This award is a testament to the 30-plus years that I have devoted to the industry, and there is nothing more rewarding than hearing that my agents feel confident in and supported by my leadership.”

In response to the honor, Siciliano also shared his own industry wisdom in a press release, identifying his three keys to successful management. The first among them: putting your strengths to work. “You need to find a way to spend the majority of your time maximizing your strengths and stop spending time in activities that you may not excel at,” Siciliano writes. And in turn, it’s up to the manager to notice — and encourage — the strengths of each individual team member.

Secondly, Sicilano advises: “Know that relationship management never ends.” Staying connected with each of your agents, at all times, is necessary to offer full managerial support. Even when an agent may not appear to need it, a manager’s support is important. “From your highest producing agent to your newest agent, your duty to support them never ends,” Siciliano says.

And finally: “Learn to be the coach.” Rather than simply making demands, a manager must set an effective example. And that means understanding what kind of a coach you are. Some coaches devise more technical plays while others excel in keeping up morale. Either way, “Play to your strengths to be the best coach possible for your team,” Siciliano explains, tying his lesson back to the first item.

Two of Siciliano’s Compass associates were also recognized by CAR at the September gala. Grace Goro Kaage, who won the Community Service Award, and Andy Shiparski, who was inducted into the CAR board of directors for an additional term. Speaking on those developments, Kaage and Shiparski also prepared statements.

“I am in awe of, and inspired by, the generous spirit of Realtors all across our community, so I am deeply moved by this recognition,” Kaage said. Referring to her continued charity efforts, she added, “I believe it’s a privilege to be able to give back to the community and industry that’s given me so much. I am grateful to the Chicago Association of Realtors for this honor and I look forward to continuing to give back as I move forward.”

Shiparski also voiced an emphasis on philanthropy in his own message. As his presence on the CAR board continues, he said, “It’s critically important to give back to the industry that’s provided so much to me in my 33 years. We are currently in one of the most challenging times from a social and economic perspective. Being part of such a diverse board that has a responsibility to protect and empower the 77 communities that comprise Chicago is something I take pride in. It’s critical that all communities are afforded the same level of care, concern, financial investment and security.”

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