Real estate success is not learned in a classroom!

by Chicago Agent

Building a successful real estate business is incredibly hard and most agents fail because they do not get the real education they need to succeed when they actually need it!


This is why we created a culture that is designed to support all of our agents by surrounding them with agents willing to help each other grow and succeed.


We also truly believe becoming a successful Realtor is done through hands-on real world education.


So much so that we built:


  • A robust one on one mentorship program that encompases 20+ years of experience from our owners into a 6 week program complete with all of the tools an agent needs.


And also offer:


  • On-demand mentorship meetings for what the agent needs help with, based on their schedule and when they need it.


Our mission is to make the real estate industry better and we know the best way to do this is to be fully dedicated to making NEXT agents better every single day!


Don’t believe us? Give us a try and see that when we say we are focused on an agent’s success, we really mean it!







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