Why You Should Invest In Recreational Land Properties

by Chicago Agent


There is an old adage among investors: “You cannot go wrong buying land.” While the wisdom of this sentiment is rarely questioned, the amount of land transactions represents a fraction of the total real estate market when compared to commercial and residential property sales.


If you have some extra cash that you are looking to put to work in the real estate market, consider the advantages of purchasing a recreational land property.

Recreational Land Limits Your Investment Risk

Investors are always looking for guaranteed growth with no threat of loss. While such investment instruments do not exist in the strictest sense, land investment is about as close as you can get.


Due to its finite nature, land will always appreciate in value, given enough time. Whether it be one year, 10 years, or 50 years down the road, it is only a matter of time until a buyer sees a piece of land, imagines the possibilities, and makes you an offer you cannot refuse.


Therefore, if you do not have an immediate need for your cash and are not looking to make a quick buck, look into pieces of recreational land for sale. At worst, it will hold value better than cash, which depreciates with the cost of inflation each year; at best, it will become highly coveted as society continues to expand into new territory.

Recreational Land is Less Stressful than Owning Other Forms of Real Estate

Make no mistake–owning any type of real estate is generally a very sound investment. However, stories abound of inexperienced real estate investors purchasing rental properties to capture a passive income, only to quickly realize that the costs associated with marketing, maintenance, and unreliable tenants quickly reduce the monthly rent to the point where being a landlord is no longer worth the hassle.


While owning property will always require some work and expense on the part of the owner, the general mowing, watering, and litter pickup associated with recreational land pales in comparison to the never-ending concerns of broken windows, leaking water mains, and malfunctioning appliances that accompany owning a commercial or residential property. As such, recreational land can be the most passive and stress-free of all the real estate investment options.

Recreational Land Allows You to Enjoy Your Investment


Unless you truly love sitting at a computer and watching your stock portfolio go up and down, counting your stacks of precious metals, or seeing other people use and abuse your rental property, there is no other type of investment (primary residence excluded) that allows you to grow your net worth while enjoying unique privileges of ownership.


Rather than paying to go to a pumpkin patch or paintball maze, owning recreational land gives you the opportunity to create your own unique bonding opportunities with friends and family. It also gives you the chance to get out in nature and escape the hustle of an increasingly fast-paced and constantly connected life.

Recreational Land May Contain Valuable Resources

While it may seem unlikely that there remains unexplored land that contains lodes of precious minerals, there is no telling what the future may hold. One hundred years ago, people would have laughed at you if you suggested that land with lithium deposits or land fertile for growing cannabis-related products would be more valuable than land containing coal. Yet, as we move into 2021, that is exactly where we find ourselves.


With laws, technology, and social sensibilities constantly changing, the most unassuming piece of land might be home to the next big thing. This adds yet another layer of upside to the regular appreciation in land prices that you will likely enjoy.


Buying land is often thought of as one of the best investments a person can make, yet few people ever actually pull the trigger on a land purchase. By investing in recreational land properties, you can limit your investment risk, lower the stress of real estate investment, enjoy the benefits of private ownership, and give yourself a potential proprietary stake in valuable resources.


Author Bio:

Skylar Ross is a writer for Land.us who specializes in topics related to land management, property investment, and real estate. He focuses on helping current and prospective landowners care for their land, discover investment opportunities, and be successful in land brokerage deals. 

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