Michael Mandile, broker/partner at The Mandile + Lorimer Property Group, Compass

by Chicago Agent

Number of years in real estate: 3 years

Describe your look: Classic and timeless

What do you consider a fashion don’t? Trying too hard to keep up with trends. Wear what works for you, and walk confidently in it; some trends are not for everyone.

What style has come back into fashion that you think shouldn’t have? Neon colors. Just … why?!

What item of clothing gets you the most compliments? My shoes: I truly believe they are the first thing people notice.

What is a fashion crime you have committed in the past? I wore JNCO jeans as a kid!

Where are your favorite clothing stores or brands? My favorite stores are primarily in Italy. Every time I go, I shop on this small street in Rome called Via dei Coronari where I purchase most of my shoes and suits for the year. To me, it’s not about the brand name or the store but the quality, craftsmanship and time taken to make each piece.

What fashion accessory do you feel naked without? A tie: It’s what completes the outfit and has the ability to make a simple suit pop.

Who is your style icon? The Rat Pack had it down!

What decade or time period had the best fashion in your opinion? The 40s and 50s had the most iconic styles. Everyone took pride in how they dressed every day.

What’s the most expensive or meaningful accessory or piece of clothing you’ve ever acquired? My Hart Schaffner Marx cashmere coat: It was given to me by my father, and it brings me joy to have such a timeless and beautiful item in my closet.

Does your style reflect your personal brand? Very much so. There is a synergy between my work and my attire — I dress the part I want to play. Everything is meticulously done with detail and pride.

Suit: Vitale Barberis Canonico; shirt: Nordstrom; tie: Stefano Ricci; shoes: Angelo Pallotta; watch: Rolex

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