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by Chicago Agent

I’ve been looking forward to this issue since I started at Chicago Agent magazine last year. That’s because I knew this would be my first chance to get to know you, as readers of the magazine, better.

Our annual reader survey represents the perfect opportunity to check in with you about how your business is going, the challenges you face and what you see on the horizon. Certain demographics are pretty stable year-to-year, but there are other questions where your input reflects the changing market of 2019. For example, more readers told us they’re making more money and are more optimistic about future earnings than last year. Perhaps as a result, more readers revealed they have plans to increase their spending on marketing this year.

And this may come as no surprise given the way the market is shifting, but price readjustments are becoming more common for our readers. Last year, almost 20 percent of respondents replied that they had zero listings that required a price change. This year, that number was just a little over 5 percent.

I’m also proud to reveal a new line of questioning we opened up this year on the topic of real estate teams. This resulted in interesting data about the average size of teams, how team leaders are involved in transactions and how teams record their deals in the MLS. Spoiler alert: Those who have joined teams do not appear to be regretting the move, at least not in 2019.

Here’s what isn’t in this issue: the answers to questions we asked you about what you want to see more of in the magazine. But we will be acting on those suggestions soon; I’m very excited to jump on some of the great ideas you shared with us on that front, and I hope you’ll contribute your voice to future issues that touch on topics of importance to you and your business.

Of course, just because our annual reader survey is now closed doesn’t mean I’m not still anxious to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to email me your thoughts and ideas at meg.white@agentpublishing.com.

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