Chicago is one of the best cities for construction workers

by Lauren Clohessy

Some professions make more than others, and those incomes basically set the path for how someone lives their life. RENTCafé had an idea that maybe you income could be more profitable in some cities, and less than others.

RENTCafé used Bureau of Labor statistics on professions’ average net pay and and subtracted the average cost of living in cities across the U.S. to find out which professions make the most in each city.

They found those in a management position earn the most per year, followed by legal and computer and mathematical. The study also saw that workers in building and grounds cleaning and maintenance and food preparation and serving made the least after taking out living expenses. 

Of all the metro areas, San Jose had the topped the ranks for multiple professions, like architecture and engineering, legal and management.

For the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metropolitan area, those in management made the most, with $54,900 left after the average cost of living was taken from the average management salary. The best professions in Chicago also included legal, computer and mathematical and architecture and engineering. 

As far as some of the best professions local residents, the Chicago metro area was ranked the best place for those with construction and extraction jobs. In Chicago, they make $60,700 and after subtracting the the city’s $24,000 basic living expense, they have $36,700 left. 

Workers in other highly ranked construction and extraction cities have significantly less. In St. Louis, workers only have $27,500 left after subtracting the $20,800 living cost. Workers in the occupation in Urban Honolulu have #$24,800 remaining after subtracting their $29,500 living cost.

The Chicago metro area is also ranks No. 8 worst city in the U.S. for workers in health support, who have -$5,200 left after basic living expenses.

Here are the best professions for the Chicago metro area.

Metro Rank Profession Money Left National Rank by Profession
1 Management $54,900 56
2 Legal $43,200 23
3 Computer & Mathematical $42,600 31
4 Architecture & Engineering $38,000 59
5 Construction & Extraction $36,700 1
6 Healthcare Practitioners & Technical $31,600 38
7 Business & Financial $29,400 55
8 Life, Physical & Social Science $28,600 42
9 Education, Training & Library $20,300 31
10 Installation, Maintenance & Repairs $16,500 30

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