The Envelope Please…

by Stephanie Sims


Stephanie Sims is Chicago Agent’s managing editor.

This year for our ninth annual Agents’ Choice Awards, more than 50,000 votes were cast, as real estate professionals throughout Chicagoland voted for who they thought deserved to win our industry awards, a new voting record. The finalists were the top three vote-getters, so to say the winners got a lot of votes might be an understatement.

In addition, all the winners are chosen by peer members of the real estate industry – lenders, developers, managing brokers and agents – and if anyone knows who’s been working the hardest, who’s been giving back to the community the most, who’s been supporting fellow agents the most, and who’s the most deserving of our awards, it’s the people in the industry. Because of that reason, the level of excitement from our nominees and finalists has yet to die down.

Our Agents’ Choice Awards event was held at the spectacular White Room lounge area in 850 Lake Shore Drive, which I’d like to thank for hosting and sponsoring the party, and finalists and guests sipped cocktails and mingled with the industry’s finest, all while enjoying spectacular views and waiting with anticipation as to just who would be announced the winner of each category. Congratulations to the winners, all listed starting on page 16.

Wondering how you can get nominated for any of our Agents’ Choice categories? Let this issue motivate you so that your company executives notice you and you can make it as a finalist next year.

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