New Conflict Resolution Program Helps Realtors and Consumers Settle Issues Quickly

by Melinda Gray

Director of Professional and Ethical Practices Kate Sax

Director of Professional and Ethical Practices Kate Sax

The Mainstreet Organization of Realtors (MORe) has created a new Conflict Resolution program that is helping Chicago suburban realtors and homeowners settle issues in a quicker and more efficient way.

The program, which launched last month, provides education and resources to help members and consumers work through issues that may arise during real estate transactions. The goal is to resolve these issues quickly and effectively and to provide realtors with a way to increase client satisfaction and reduce liability risks within their own offices.

“Many complaints involve misunderstandings between two parties, along with a need to educate one or both parties about a particular issue or practice,” said MORe CEO Pam Krieter. “Nine times out of 10, mediation will solve the problem successfully.”

As part of the program, MORe has launched a confidential Professionalism Hotline that connects homeowners and members directly with MORe’s Resolution Response Team (RRT). All RRT members are realtor volunteers who have completed mediation and ombudsman training from the Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR), with many serving as official IAR ombudsmen.

Members of the RRT can either answer questions directly or, with the caller’s permission, contact other parties involved in the transaction, including buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and attorneys, in order to facilitate a conversation and solve the problem.

“Whether the RRT is attempting to amicably resolve a concern related to a lack of professionalism between realtor members or provide some additional education to a consumer who is frustrated with the real estate process, the RRT is always focused on professional resolution,” said Kate Sax, MORe’s director of professional and ethical practices, who oversees the program.

Sax and her team provide RRT members with the support and education they need to work professionally and efficiently through the mediation process. Although Sax’s team is still raising awareness of the Professionalism Hotline to both realtors and consumers, the Resolution Response Team has seen a success rate of about 77 percent.

“The success of the program will be measured by both the resolutions RRT members achieve as well as the education they provide,” commented Sax. “Members and consumers will be better informed, which will leave the door open to address ethical concerns that are truly violations.”

The launch of the Conflict Resolution program stems from the reorganization of MORe’s Department of Professional and Ethical Practices (DPEP), which offers realtors help and support with license laws and enforcing the code of ethics, in addition to connecting them with forms, contracts, fair housing information, educational opportunities and more.

MORe’s Professionalism Hotline can be reached at 855-737-6990 and is staffed from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. For more information about MORe’s Conflict Resolution program, visit www.succeedwithmore.com/DisputeResolution.

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