What Would Superman’s Fortress of Solitude Sell For?

by Anne Marie Scalambrino


Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

Superman is back and ready for action. In honor of Man of Steel, which opens tonight at midnight and has already broken records internationally, we thought we would show Movoto’s infographic on just how much cash one would be dishing out in order to purchase Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. In case you didn’t know, that’s one of Superman’s official hang out spots. Oh, and it’s made out of Kryptonian crystal- not bad if you ask me.

But how do you price a house that has changed numerous times throughout history? Movoto devised a new method, using two valuable pieces of information based on the most recent version of the Fortress – what the Fortress is made of and its size.

Given Superman’s height (6’3”) and picture of him standing in front of his man cave, they estimated the size to be 7,065,000 cubic feet with a surface area of 141,300 square feet, quite large- even for Superman.

The Fortress is decorated with beautiful Kryptonian crystal. Unfortunately, it is an imaginary material not available to us in this world, so as you can imagine they ran into a few problems when pricing this component. Instead, Movoto decided to use another substance, the ever so famous diamond.

Using the world’s largest uncut diamond, the Cullinan Diamond, with an estimated value of $400 million, they then figured out how many of these it would take to cover Superman’s humble abode- okay, maybe not so humble if its covered in crystals…anyways, it would take 2,034,721 Cullinan diamonds. That’s a whopping $813,888,400,000,000 dollars, therefore the final price is over 813 trillion dollars, no furniture included, making Superman’s Fortress a bit pricey for today’s market.

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