Internet Explorer 8 Users Missing Out on Better Web Experience

by Benn Rosales, AGBeat

globeInternet Explorer 8 is commonly required by specific business software, but limits the rest of your Web experience, so allow us to bring you up to date.

It could be your company’s fault that you’re cruising the Web in an old beater of a Web browser. In fact, the majority of our personal and office equipment is Windows-based, but we’re not dragging our feet in keeping up with the modern Web – no, not at all.

As recently as September 2012, Google and others ended support for apps for IE8 (Internet Explorer 8), but Microsoft continues to support the browser for Windows XP-dependent users – most likely due to expensive in-house programs designed specifically for a company or industry, and sometimes it takes real money to upgrade those systems. But the rest of the world must move on. Windows Internet Explorer 9 is currently where our support of Explorer begins, and that’s pretty much standard for the rest of the world.

There are so many alternatives to experience the Web today in terms of browsers compatible with the mobile Web that enabling you to continue your antiquated view of the Web is sad, and really rather boring.

As of this week, Agent Genius will cease support for Internet Explorer 8 and below. In fact, you’ll receive information upon your visit about current browser alternatives, and links to update your browser of choice. We’re not just picking on Windows, but also Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other popular browsers. Information on updating your browser will also be given to you when joining AG with an out-of-date browser.

What this means for you

If you’re in a modern browser, you’re already set. Enjoy your visit. If you’re in an outdated browser, you’ll still be able to read and interact online, but you might notice a thing or two misaligned. Some sites will know when you’re coming from an older browser and will ask if you want to update your browser. Note: if you choose to update Internet Explorer, it will automatically advise you as to your most compatible browser based on your operating system.

Some industries rely on IE8 or even IE7 browsers, so what many people do is use older IE browsers for that tool only, and download a more modern browser for the rest of their Web browsing.

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